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Warehouse Racking

METALSISTEM Canada offers a wide variety of Warehouse racking storage solutions.

Some of the most common types of warehouse racking systems are:

  • Pallet rack including selective, drive-in, drive-thru, double-deep, pushback, flow rack, and carton flow.
  • Mezzanine including structural, roll formed, rack supported, and shelf supported.
  • Cantilever Rack including structural and roll formed.
  • Industrial Shelving including metal, steel, wire, and catwalk.

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Pallet rack, also referred to as “pallet racking,” is a material handling storage aid system designed to store materials on pallets (or “skids”). Although there are many varieties of pallet rack, all types allow for the storage of palletized materials in horizontal rows with multiple levels to maximize warehouse shelving space. All types of pallet rack create some level of increase storage density. Pallet racks are an essential and ubiquitous element in most modern warehouse shelving storage systems, manufacturing facilities, retail centers, and other storage and distribution facilities.

Many types of pallet storage racks are available with different designs to fulfill specific warehouse functions or create specific advantages. When deciding on the type of pallet rack to use in your warehouse shelving application, several basic considerations have to be taken into account:
  • Desired storage density
  • Floor space and building height
  • Placement of building doors and columns
  • Inventory accessibility
  • Inventory rotation
  • Item/load size and weight
  • Optimal storage design
  • Cost of materials and installation

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Mezzanine storage systems are also frequently used in industrial operations such as warehousing, distribution or manufacturing. These facilities have high ceilings, allowing unused space to be utilized within the vertical cube. Industrial mezzanine structures are typically either structural, roll formed, rack-supported, or shelf-supported, allowing high density storage within the mezzanine structures. Mezzanine storage systems may include additional structures such as stairs, railings, catwalks and ladders which can greatly increase the organization and efficiency of modern warehouse shelving systems.

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METALSISTEM Canada offers innovative Warehouse Shelving products of the highest quality, with competitive pricing. Our products provide highly technical solutions to the most common warehouse shelving problems, such as rapid assembly, extreme stability, strength and high cost efficiency.

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