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Retail Display Shelving

METALSISTEM Canada offers a wide variety of Retail Display Shelving solutions.

Both the UNIRACK and SUPER 1/2/3 systems can provide unique solutions for both shopfitting and applications in domestic environments. The fully adjustable SUPER 1/2/3 systems and UNIRACK structures have been designed to meet the needs of light to medium duty storage. The design of the various components is the result of rigorous technical testing and the highly specialized knowledge developed over years of experience in the field of metal processing. Thanks to its attractive high-tech design, SUPER 1/2/3 and UNIRACK shelving is quite pleasing to the eye, and highly customizable to accommodate a variety of Retail Display Shelving applications.

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Shelve surfaces, can be metal, perforated plastic, glass or chipboard. Metal shelves with profiles of 18 24 36 wide are produced in depths varying from 12 to 28. Shelves of profile H25 and 12 wide are supplied in depths varying from 16 to 32. Perforated plastic shelf panels are made from high quality polypropylene, and are suitable for use within the food sector. The perforation is >50% of the shelf surface area, and is available in two different colours: yellow and light blue, for frame depths 12, 16, 20. Chipboard shelves of thickness 0.47 or 0.71 (12 or 18mm) are also available and are often used in retail clothing displays and general merchandising. Glass shelves can also be fitted and are widely used in retail display shelving applications.

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Retail display shelves are also available as modular containers or bins, which can be fitted with dividers and shelve trays to customize the storage space and vary bin capacity. Vertical sliding dividers offer a great solution for organizing loose items. Modular sliding drawers can also be fully integrated with SUPER 1/2/3 and UNIRACK systems and provide a very cost effective solution for the storage of small items.

A variety of specialized dividers and shelving accessories can be integrated with SUPER 1/2/3 and UNIRACK shelving systems. These include:

•  Telescopic tube dividers, used for the separation of cylindrical components or materials difficult to store (windscreens and panels, etc.)

•  Dividers for Exhaust Pipes, spigots designed for the separation of tubes, exhausts and conduits, etc. They are used both vertically and horizontally and are fitted on to the beams anywhere in the length.

Oval shaped tubes and beams, are compatible with most types of hangers and provide a cost effective solution to garment storage and for hanging loads. The garment hanging shelving can be designed on a single or double entry basis and equipped with shelves. Oval shaped beams can also be used for the storage of tires.

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METALSISTEM Canada offers innovative Retail Display Shelving products of the highest quality, with competitive pricing. Our products provide highly technical solutions to the most common retail display shelving problems, such as rapid assembly, extreme stability and strength and high cost efficiency.

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