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Industrial Shelving

METALSISTEM Canada offers a wide variety of Industrial Shelving storage solutions.

Industrial shelving is generally constructed of metal components which create a multi-level shelf system that can support a wide range of materials both in size and in weight.

METALSISTEM Industrial shelving solutions allows warehouse inventory to be stored more efficiently by providing organization and increased warehouse storage density. Industrial shelving is generally used in warehousing, manufacturing, and distribution, but is also commonly utilized in restaurants, retail stores, and offices.

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The shelf level surface comes in a variety of materials including:

  • Steel or Metal Clip Shelving (all metal components)
  • Boltless or Rivet Shelving (usually use wood decking such as particle board or plywood as well as plastic)
  • Wire Shelving (wire decking)

Our Industrial Shelving products are available in range of sizes from 12", 16", 20", 24", 32", 48", 60", 72" wide, and produced in depths varying from 12 to 32.

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Galvanized shelving is becoming increasingly popular for use as industrial shelving. Galvanized shelving is used in a broad range of commercial as well as home applications. It is often used in restaurant, food service. retail store applications and archives, due to its ability to stay clean and resist rust and mold. It's also used by distributors and in warehouses in variety of industrial shelving applications.

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METALSISTEM Canada offers innovative Industrial Shelving products of the highest quality, with competitive pricing. Our products provide highly technical solutions to the most common industrial shelving problems, such as rapid assembly, extreme stability, strength and high cost efficiency.

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